Vendor Plans


Establish your Brand

Grow your brand in the marketplace where IT Decision makers make up their minds

Pricing: Free

Target audience: Established software vendors

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Build your Presence

Generate leads and intent signals to focus sales efforts on bestmatched buyers.

Pricing: 1000 Euro / Year

Target audience: Growing software vendors

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Reach Decision Makers

Supercharge your pipeline with driving your digital buying journey and Customer interactions

Pricing: 10.000 Euro / Year

Target audience: Large and growing enterprise software vendors

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Vendor Plan Details

Feature Comparison of Vendor Packages

Maintain basic information of your IT/Cloud services
Manage your description and core product tabs.
Procurement and selection criteria
Manage your procurement criteria for RFP's and comparison.
Number of Vendor Administrator
Vendor Administrators can manage the services on the behalf of the Vendor
1 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Services
Number of services that can be added/managed
1 5 25
Service categories
Availability of services categories
No Limit No Limit No Limit
Marketplace Online and Mobile Apps
Availability of your service on the online marketplace as well as in the IOS and Android Clateway App
Active listing of services
The category of your services and the marketplace are actively promoted to the C-level and Decision maker community as well as to experts.
Maintain Premium information
Maintain additional premium information of your services such as Video's, Attachments
RFP/RFI Requests
Receive RFP requests from Companies when running MINI-RFP or online selection process.
Service Questions
Receive questions. Answers and questions can automatically shared online private/public.
Import/Export criteria and services
Import and Export your services and criteria in the vendor panel (through XML and CSV files)
This feature allows you to upload attachments for direct download online. This can be marketing or material supporting the selection process such as ISO certificates and CAIQ assessments.
Microstore for Vendor
Microstore for Vendor availabe on marketplace on
Stickers and Promotions
Promotional and sticker options on services
Direct messaging with customers on marketplace
Possibility to directly send and receive messages from customers on marketplace
Access to Company Intent Portal
Access to Clateway portal with Enterprises catalog
Active Leadgeneration
Active leadgeneration on maximizing traffic on the marketplace
Active Promotion and SEO
Active promotion on search engines to maximize intent and leadgeneration